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Vraag en Antwoord

Ik kreeg van Sustain-a-belle het verzoek of ik mee wilde werken aan een kleine Q&A voor haar site.

Dat deed ik natuurlijk graag!

Het resultaat vind je hier: Q & A with Margreet from upcycled.nl


Een paar vragen:

Q: What inspired / motivated you to start this project?


A: I was actually inspired by an Etsy seller who made bags from suit coats. They were so beautiful that I just wanted to try it. The fact that I could recycle fabrics and could contribute to the environment was a bonus.
After suitcoats I tried a lot of other materials, as sails, tents, burlap sacks, leather jackets and leather couches, and all kinds of clothing.


Q: On your insta I fould a few posts saying “no waste”, do you actually produce no waste at all?


A: I am not at the point of completely no waste. There are some parts I cannot reuse because they are too worn out, like the lining of an old jacket or the metal wire which is part of an old sail and so on. But I try to reuse as much as possible from everything I get. And that is actually part of the fun of making a bag from old material.


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